My TEDx (0:10) When I was a little girl, I used to struggle with the burning question. What will I do when I grow up? A garbage girl? A cotton candy saleswoman? A princess? The President? Maybe a presenter! (0:30) My dad used to host one of the town fetes every year. There were singers, jugglers […]

Cover letter

Veronika Batelková (my adress) 7th May 2021 Department of Information and Library Studies (their address) Dear sir or madam, I am thrilled to have an opportunity to apply for an Erasmus+ study programme. In this letter I would like to introduce myself and express my motivation for spending one semester abroad. As a bachelor student of […]

Review: Why We Sleep

Introduction I made a very lovely ritual with the book Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams written by neuroscientist Matthew Walker. I put the title on the shelf next to my bed, and I had been reading it every night before I had fallen asleep.  What did I know before reading it? That sleeping […]

HW: (in)formal e-mail

Clark Kent has written the letter below. My homework is to rewrite it into more formal way: informal e-mail Hi,I´m writing about the assignment you gave me last week aboutEuropean Union. You said it had to be handed in at the end of thisweek but I need a few extra days as I´m feeling pretty […]

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