Essay: Public service media should not be nationalized

Introduction A few years ago, listeners of the Czech Radio listened to a prominent representative of the Czech political scene make a speech about the desire to nationalize the Czech public service media. This speech drew immediate reactions across the political and academic scene. Nowadays, these narratives appear in the public space more and more […]

Cover letter

Veronika Batelková (my adress) 7th May 2021 Department of Information and Library Studies (their address) Dear sir or madam, I am thrilled to have an opportunity to apply for an Erasmus+ study programme. In this letter I would like to introduce myself and express my motivation for spending one semester abroad. As a bachelor student of […]

Review: Why We Sleep

Introduction I made a very lovely ritual with the book Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams written by neuroscientist Matthew Walker. I put the title on the shelf next to my bed, and I had been reading it every night before I had fallen asleep.  What did I know before reading it? That sleeping […]

HW: (in)formal e-mail

Clark Kent has written the letter below. My homework is to rewrite it into more formal way: informal e-mail Hi,I´m writing about the assignment you gave me last week aboutEuropean Union. You said it had to be handed in at the end of thisweek but I need a few extra days as I´m feeling pretty […]

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